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This is a reminder that the forum rules WILL be enforced by the site admins/WVJC BOD/moderators. Users who violate the rules will be sent Warnings and/or banned from the site for a length of time depending on the infraction.

These rules were agreed to be followed by YOU, the forum user when you activated your account.

They include, but are not limited to:

Forum Policy
The basic rules for discussions on the Forums are simple: be polite, use common sense, don't break the law and don't post any messages that harrase others.

We don't intend to censor messages based on the opinions expressed within posts, but we will enforce the policies outlined both here and on the individual Forums. We reserve the right to remove, modify or move posts at our discretion and without explanation. If you have any questions, please e-mail the moderators.

In addition to the rules posted here Forum Users are required to read any individual forum rules, which may be posted at the top of specific forums as Important threads or Announcements.

In light of our policy of encouraging candid, open exchanges of views and the rapid distribution of information originating from many sources, cannot determine the accuracy of information that may be uploaded to the Forum. In participating in these Forums, each user acknowledges that is only providing a medium for communication between and among individuals, and that any and all opinions appearing on the Forums are the opinions of the individual posting the message. The only messages that may be construed to be from or by are posts by the President or an elected officer when such message specifically and explicitly transmits the actions or opinions of the Board of Directors (BOD) acting as a whole.

Forum Rules
Members are permitted a maximum of one account per person. You must maintain a VALID and functional e-mail address in your profile. This e-mail account shall not use “auto responders”, “out of office auto replies” etc… If your e-mail address continually bounces messages back to, our staff may modify your e-mail preferences or you may be subject to suspension of Forum privileges..

There shall be NO solicitation of our members by Forum participants except in those Forum sections where advertising is expressly permitted.

Participants shall not use the Forum to publish or discuss any information regarding their product or services, or future (possible) products or services, or any product or services they are, or have been, associated with. This includes, but is not limited to, suggesting your own services, or services of partners, clients, employers or friends. Anyone interested in becoming an APPROVED Vendor should contact the Admin.

Participants shall not use the General Forums in any manner intended or creating the potential for commercial gain.

Participants shall not post to the Forums solely to direct others to any pages at their own commercial web site, including informational pages.

Participants shall not use the Forum solely to direct others to any pages, which they have commercial interests in; these include commission or referral hyperlinks.

Participants, who are associated with a Vendor, manufacturer, or any company that advertises their services on this forum, shall not use the Main Forums to direct others to the Advertising Forums or to the web site of the Vendor or manufacturer with whom they are associated.

Participants may not use discussions to recommend, praise, or belittle other products or services, or any company; without justification for those opinions expressed. This includes companies recommending other companies. Participants may not solicit the membership for feedback or suggestions on their commercial product or services.

Participants may not post any commission, referral or affiliate links anywhere on the Forum. This includes the Advertising Forums.

Participants may only discuss details about their company and/or product offerings when the thread starter or poster has made direct reference to their company and (a) stated something untrue or misleading, or (b) stated something that clearly needs clarifying, or (c) specifically asked for information about the product or company. The response must be in direct reference to the point discussed only and shall contain no added promotional information and/or fluff.


Signatures shall be setup in your profile, and not manually added to your messages.
For commercial participants, signatures shall not contain pricing, plan, sales details etc.
Signatures shall not contain inflammatory statements. Inflammatory comments shall be construed to include, but are not limited to, both attacks upon other participants and comments intended to elicit retaliation or offered as a form of retaliation.
Signatures may be edited,altered or deleted by the Forum admins/moderators with or without notice.


Avatars may not contain potentially offensive material (ie. butts, crotch shots, boobs, etc). If it isn't PG-rated, don't use it. If an avatar is deemed questionable, reserves the right to ask users to change their avatar or it may be deleted by the site administrators.

Participants shall not create duplicate threads (cross-posting) or direct others to threads they have started except when the referenced thread provides an answer to a question in a newer thread.

Participants shall not excessively “bump” threads. Bumping can refer to posting useless information, making corrections or updates in a new post, posting one-liners (such as “BTT”) or any other action to deliberately keep a thread hot or to bring it to the top of its Forum. Items in the For Sale Forums may be bumped no more than once per week.

In general, messages on the Forums shall be written in English unless the writer’s native language is other than English. Forum participants who elect to respond to non-English speaking participants in a language other than English are encouraged to do so when it will facilitate communication. In such instances, the non-English text shall include a translation into English in the same post.

Rudeness toward another Forum participant will not be tolerated. Any participant who is intentionally unpleasant, obscene, or disruptive will receive one (1) warning. Any participant who offends after receiving a warning may be suspended for a period of time determined by the BOD, or banned permanently without further warning.

Personal attacks directed toward another Forum participant will not be tolerated.

Threats of bodily harm or other threatened consequences are not permitted and will be deleted without warning. A first violation will result in a suspension of Forum privileges for a period established by the Board of Directors, but not to exceed one (1) month. A second violation will result in permanent revocation of Forum privileges.

Members may not use custom titles to impersonate, or attempt to impersonate, Staff, officers or directors, other members, or other Forum participants..

Participants shall not post URLs that are censored by adding spaces, dots, or substituting characters; or by any other means in an attempt to defeat the censors put in place by

Privacy Policy: will not release any member information unless under court order to do so. reserves the right to modify and amend these terms at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to remain informed of current policies. Officers, Directors and moderators are volunteers who serve without pay. Abuse toward these individuals will not be tolerated. Any abuse directed toward the Officers, Directors, Moderators or forum provider will result in the immediate suspension of forum privileges.

Ignorance is never bliss. Violation of Forum rules will have consequences, which may include limitation or suspension of posting privileges to the forums, temporary banning, permanent banning, or expulsion from

Disciplinary Actions
There are several different ways situations with members/forum users are handled. This section covers all of the various disciplinary actions, in order of severity.

Warning - A formal warning that may be logged by a moderator. Usually given to those that have refused to acknowledge a previous caution, or those that have committed an offense worth more than a caution. Forum privileges may be suspended for 48 hours. In the event of abuse of the PM or email functions of the forums, those options may be removed from your account.

Forum Access Removal (FAR) – Removal of posting privileges for a specific forum. Generally used when a user habitually breaks a specific forums rules.

Suspension of Forum Privileges – A ban of longer than 48 hours. Duration of Ban to be determined by the BOD. Also will include suspension from All activities and membership privileges.

Account (Permanent) Ban –Serious or repeated violations may result in a Permanent Ban as determined by the BOD.

Ban On Sight (BOS) Status – If a Banned member creates a new User account with the intent to cause trouble, a member can be placed on "Ban On Sight" status. This means that if the member is identified under a new account, notifying an administrator can automatically ban him.

IP Ban - Members that are on a static IP address can be completely banned from registering by having their IP address logged and stored on a list of IP addresses that are not permitted to register accounts. Members on dynamic or proxy IP addresses cannot be IP banned; they are placed on Ban On Sight status as an alternative.

ISP Notification - Members that are a constant problem can be reported to their Internet Service Provider for violating the Terms of Service for their Provider, and this Web site. This can result in the Internet Service Provider canceling the members' Internet Service.

Other common sense rules to consider:
NO posting of offensive material (this includes pornographic, racist, R-rated or other explicit material). Remember, this is a family forum that is viewed by the public.

NO posting of offensive language. We have forum censors that catch a lot of the swearing, but not all. Any attempt to defeat the censors will result in a warning, and then a ban.

NO posting of copywrited material (pics, online manuals, CarFax, etc)

No harrassment of other forum users, for ANY reason!

Threads and/or specific content of threads may be deleted/edited by a moderator with or without notice.

User who violate the rules will be subject to the punishment described above.

These rules are the same as those on the national forums, such as NAXJA, Cherokee Talk, Jeeps Unlited, etc.

If you feel that these rules are too restrictive for you, then this website may not be the right place for you.

Thank you, Admin