West Virginia Jeep Club Bylaws Effective February 1 2016

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West Virginia Jeep Club Bylaws Effective February 1 2016

Post by wharthog69 » Thu Feb 18, 2016 4:35 pm

West​ Virginia Jeep Club, Inc. Bylaws

Article I: Identity

This Organization is identified as West Virginia Jeep Club, Inc. The Organization is informally referenced as “WVJC”, “The West Virginia Jeep Club”, or “The Club”

Article​ II: Mission and Vision

The Mission of the West Virginia Jeep Club is to protect and promote the sport of Automotive Off-Roading. The West Virginia Jeep Club works to develop the sport of Automotive Off-Roading through education and outreach. We organize Off-Road related events and encourage an inclusive, family friendly, and safe environment. Our Vision of Automotive Off-Roading is a safe sport that contributes economically and socially to the benefit of the Off-Roading Community.

Article III: Membership

The West Virginia Jeep Club recognizes two levels of Membership – Associate Membership and Full Membership. The roles, rights, and
responsibilities of the two levels differ but all Members must have an interest in the sport of Automotive Off-Roading in the State of West Virginia and desire to see the sport succeed and grow.

All Members Must​:

Be a US Citizen, excepting as approved by the Governing Body
Be at least 18 years of age
Maintain current dues and fees
Provide and maintain contact information with The Club
Generally represent The Club and the sport of Automotive Off-Roading in a positive, inclusive manner
Have no prior dismissal from The Club, excepting as approved by the Governing Body

Member Roles

Associate Member

Any individual who wishes to join The Club and who believes they can meet the requirements outlined in “All Members Must” is eligible to apply as an Associate Member to The Club. Those individuals must complete an Associate Member Application Form (Application) and submit the completed form to the Associate Member Representative, along with any dues, fees, and evidence of meeting the requirements as outlined in “All Members Must”. Submission of the application, dues and fees is indication of the applicant's acceptance of Club Bylaws.

Associate Members are eligible to participate in Club events, activities and benefits that are not identified as requiring Full Membership. Such​ precluded​ events, activities, and benefits include:

Running for Club Office or Role
Voting for Club Office or Role
Voting for Bylaw changes or acceptance
Voting for Member Dismissal
Extending in Family Membership to eligible members of their immediate family
Hosting or Leading Events or Activities without a Full Member Sponsor
Any other event, activity, or benefit identified by the Governing Body or originating Member.

Full Member

Associate Members may apply for Full Membership upon discussion with and agreement by the Associate Member Representative. The Associate Member Representative will consider the request and if in agreement will petition the appropriate Regional Chairperson as outlined in the Membership Process Document. Upon agreement by the Regional Chairperson and payment of any dues and fees the Associate Member's status will be elevated to Full Member and the Member becomes eligible to participate in those events, activities, and benefits reserved for Full Members, including:

Running for Club Office or Role
Voting for Club Office or Role
Voting for Bylaw changes or acceptance
Voting for Member Dismissal
Extending in Family Membership to eligible members of their immediate family – ​Family​ members ​are non-voting members and participate​ at the same level as Associate Members
Hosting or Leading Events or Activities, ​except those identified as the responsibility of another Full Member or Governing Body role such as a Meet and Greet.
Any other event, activity, or benefit identified by the Governing Body or originating Member .as Full Members only.

Member Dues and Fees.

Members pay periodic dues according to the Dues and Fees Schedule. This Schedule is managed by the Governing Body and rates and
categories are set and published at least annually. Additionally, the Schedule identifies any fees to required by The Club for specific Member benefits or obligations.

Event, activity, or benefit fees can also defined by the Full Member Sponsor of that event, activity, or benefit. Notification of those fees will be included with the event, activity, or benefit announcement. Members will pay those fees as defined by the Full Member Sponsor.

Voluntary Change of Membership Status

Full Members may choose to revert to Associate Members at any time provided they are have no outstanding Full Member obligations and all dues and fees are current.

Any Member may choose to resign their Membership by notifying their Regional Chairperson.

Involuntary Change of Membership Status

Members found in violation of “Members Must”, “Member Roles”, or “Members Dues and Fees” sections of the Bylaws may have their Membership Status changed by 2/3 vote of the Governing Body. Status changes may include regrading Full Member to Associate Member or revocation of the Membership and all associated benefits.

Article IV: Governing Body

The Governing Body executes the business of The Club. The Governing Body is responsible for maintaining The Club Bylaws and managing updates to that document. Additionally, the Governing Body maintains a set of Operating Rules for the day to day business of The Club. Excepting the Treasurer Role, members of the Governing Body serve for 2 years inaccordance with their election cycle. The Treasurer serves at the will of the Governing Body. The Governing body includes the following roles:

Voting ​Roles (​6)
Elected (5)​:
President​: The President acts as Executive Officer of The Club and presides over Governing Body activities, including periodic Governing Body meetings. The President manages the selection process for the Treasurer. The President enforces the Bylaws of The Club. The President is responsible for all legal filings. Election Cycle – Odd Years

Vice Presiden​t: The Vice President serves as President if the President is unwilling or unable to perform the duties of that office. lection Cycle – Even Years

Chairperson​: Two Chairpersons, one each for the North and South Membership regions. The Chairperson coordinates events and
activities for the regional Membership body including scheduling regular Meet and Greets. They also coordinate with the Associate
Member Representative for promotion of Associate Members to Full Members. Election Cycle – Odd Years

Secretary​: The Secretary maintains the official Member list, documents Governing Body activities, and keeps a historical record of
Club actions and activities. The Secretary also notifies the Member body of changes to those documents and records.. Election Cycle - Even Years

Non-elected (1):

Treasurer​: The Treasurer maintains and reports on the financial accounts and manages the assets and liabilities of The Club. The Treasurer reports on Dues and Fees collection at each Governing Body Meeting and coordinates Dues and Fee payments with the Secretary. The Treasurer is also responsible for all periodic financial and tax filings. The Treasurer is selected in accordance to standard Governing Body voting rules.

All Voting Roles in the Governing Body must be filled by Full Members

Additional Non-Voting Roles

The Governing Body from time to time may create additional non-Governing Body roles to fulfill specific responsibilities for The Club. These roles report directly to the Governing Body and do not have voting privileges on Governing Body topics. The roles may be filled by Full or Associate Members and are selected in accordance to standard Governing Body voting rules. Non-Voting Roles are defined in the Operating Rules document.

Election Process

Annual elections for roles occur in accordance to their election cycle. Roles are effective October 1 of their election year. An announcement will be made each August of the roles to be filled. Nominations for candidates of those rolls must made, seconded, and accepted by the Nominee. The election will begin on September 1 and conclude either on September 15 or when a majority of Members have voted for a specific role. Announcements of the results will occur by September 21.

No-Confidence Process

From time to time a Governing Body Member may not be able to fulfill the requirements of their office. The Governing Body may vote to eject a Governing Body member from the office by 2/3 vote.

Article V: Bylaws, Governing Body regulation, and Operating Rules

These Bylaws reflect the regulation of the West Virginia Jeep Club, Club Members, and the Governing Body. These Bylaws are effective on February 1, 2015. The Governing Body will utilize Robert's Rules of Order to conduct Governing Body meetings and activities. Changes to these Bylaws must be approved by 2/3 vote of the Governing Body and majority vote of the Membership

Operating Rules are maintained by the Governing Body for the day to day operation of Club business. Operating Rules may be changed by majority vote of a Governing Body quorum. Changes to Operating Rules. Operating Rules are posted to the Membership and do not require a Membership vote.[/quote]