factory skid nutserts 1 hour fix NO welding reqired

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factory skid nutserts 1 hour fix NO welding reqired

Post by nitecop » Sun Jul 19, 2009 9:53 pm

I replaced 5 of my nutserts on my 99 TJ today in 1 hour.
1 hour of labor, once you have tools, supplys, and new parts.
Here is how is works
Bottle jack.
Sawzall with good blade
7/16x6 grade 8 bolts and nuts for the rear 4 bolts
7/16x5 grade 8 bolts and nuts for the front two bolts.
old 7/16 steel wheel lug nuts
3/8 drill bit Not required but make drilling easyier
7/16 drill bit at least 6 inches long.
Angle grinder might possibly be needed

first if the bolts will back off at all do so.
place the bottle jack under the skid.
Then if you can get the sawzall blade to the bolt shank between the factory skid and frame cut the bolts there.
Then jack the skid back up in place.
Take a screwdriver and push bolt/nutsert combo up in the frame.
Then drill straight up though the top of the frame
And install a lug nut flat side down of course on each bolt.
bolt the skid back up to the bottom of the frame.
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