FOR SALE threads & posts will be deleted IF........

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FOR SALE threads & posts will be deleted IF........

Post by One Ton Swamper » Sat Jun 27, 2009 10:49 am

TJinWV wrote:The various JeepinWV For Sale and Wanted forums are provided as a free service by and the West Virginia Jeep Club (WVJC), and designed for the general JeepinWV user to buy and sell their personal wares. As such, please abide by these rules. Any user found in violation of any of these rules may receive warnings and/or temporary or permanent banning from at the discretion of the moderators. By starting or replying to a thread in the For Sale or Wanted forums, you are agreeing to these terms.

Turn it off. Don't use it. This is the internet equivalent of yelling. We don't like being yelled at, and I'm sure you don't either. This goes for sellers and interested buyers, and is just considered common courtesy.

2. Post in the proper subforum
We've created the subforums to avoid having a single forum cluttered with too many For Sale posts, which helps users that are searching for a particular item. Posts that are in the wrong subforum will be moved or deleted at the moderator's discretion. If you are unsure where to post something, put it in the Miscellaneous forum and/or PM a moderator and ask.

3. Be descriptive in your title and post
Be as descriptive as possible in your post and title. Don't call your For Sale post 'Stuff For Sale'. If you have multiple "stuffs" for sale, you should create a new thread for each "stuff". There is no limit on the number of For Sale listings a user can have, so take advantage of it. Also, we like pictures, so include them, particularly good, clear pictures of the item. Ideally your pictures will show any issues and/or inperfections in your items, in the interest of full disclosure and fair trade.

3a. Post the item's location
The easiest way is to update your profile with your location. Also, make sure it is in the post's title. Many times, shipping is involved and this helps people avoid wasting their time on parts that are on the other side of the state.
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3b. Post the item's price
You know what you want for your goods, don't make everyone else guess. It wastes people's time sending offers that you consider low-balling. If you don't know what something is worth, research it a little before you try to sell it. OBO (or best offer) listings are welcomed and encouraged, as long as a price of some sort is included.

3c. Update title when it sells
Once it is sold, please update the title by editing the first post, and add 'SOLD' or 'DELETE' to the title. That way the mods can easily see which threads need deleted, and people won't have to waste time reading a three page thread just to find out that something is no longer available.

4a. No unauthorized commercial sales
Commercial posts will be deleted and warnings/infractions issued. If you are interested in becoming a sponsoring vendor, please contact a WVJC officer or BOD member.

4b. Do Not list "No Title" vehicles This also includes anything else that may be mistaken as stolen such as boats, ATV's, trailers, guns, bikes, etc.

5. Only post something for sale that you personally own
If you don't own it, don't list it for sale. This mainly includes eBay listings, Craigslist posts, etc. that are not yours.

6. BTT (Back To Top) and TTT (To The Top)
Anyone who BTTs or TTTs their post excessively will have the thread locked or deleted. Excessive is defined as more than once per day. Other users should not bump a seller's posts. Such bumps will be removed.

7. Inactive threads
Inactive threads (no replies for 60 days) will be purged from the forum on a daily basis.

8. Do not reply to spam
If you see a thread that you believe to be spam, do not reply to the thread. In the lower left hand corner or upper right hand corner of each post, depending on your theme, is a link to report a post. Click this icon and the forum staff will be notified of the reported post.

9. Thread/Sale Hijacking
Don't post in someone's thread about control arms for a TJ that you have some too and will sell them cheaper. That is just plain wrong. Any other post like this is wrong as well. If you want to sell something, then sell it in your own thread! Also, avoid chit-chat not related to the item for sale in all For Sale threads. Chit chat posts will be removed and the offender(s) will receive a warning.

10. Criticizing Prices, Goods, etc.
If somebody advertises stock TJ control arms for 1000 dollars, don't say anything. It is their right. Such posts will be removed and the offender(s) warned. If you feel like you should be the Price Patrol, feel free to send a 'polite' PM stating that you can pick them up as paperweights for 1 dollar at the corner pawn shop.

11. Don't Argue with Mods
If you are mad at the way a situation was handled, that's fine. Don't send a PM stating "bullsh*t this", or "that was a stupid move you made!" We will respond in the manner that we were talked to. Get an attitude and I doubt you will get a nice response. Nicely explain your thoughts and concerns and you will get a nice response as well!

12. We are not responsible for items and purchases
The For Sale and Wanted forums are provided as a free service to users. JeepinWV and the West Virginia Jeep Club, including it's officers and Board of Directors, are not responsible for any items listed or purchased, or any transactions conducted between users through the JeepinWV forums. The responsibility of conducting fair trade lies SOLELY between the buyer and the seller. We will not accept liability for deals gone bad, nor be responsible for taking action to correct such. Sales conducted here are buyer beware. Please use your discretion when conducting any business transaction.

13. Member information is private
JeepinWV and the WVJC can not and will not provide IP addresses or personal information about the buyer or seller if there is a dispute. Again, sales conducted here are buyer beware. If you have concerns about a purchase, do it in person. It is hard to be ripped off in person.

14. Piracy
The pirating of copyrighted information is strictly prohibited. This includes Factory Service Manuals, CarFax reports, Owner's Manuals, etc. True, physical, paper copies of copyright documents can be sold and traded here.

15. Illegal Items
JeepinWV and the WVJC will not allow or tolerate the sale of illegal items in or through the forums.
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