“New” Jeep in the family

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“New” Jeep in the family

Post by smccollamjr » Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:20 am

I brought a new toy home a couple months ago. It will be for my son to drive when he turns 16 in December. It’s a ‘97, 4.0, AX15, 231, HP30/8.25 with 218k miles. It’s a lot of miles but it’s virtually rust free underneath. I’d rather swap a motor than deal with rust. It still runs strong though. We’ve put over 700 Miles on it and other than a slight bump in the idle it end fine. We’ve done the following;
- new shocks (yes, all 4 upper rear shock bolts broke)
- front brakes and rotors
- front axle u-joints
- clutch pedal bushing
- New thermostat
- full fluid change
- 2” spacer lift on front and 1” shackle lift out back. I hadn’t planned to lift it for awhile but the PO put brand new 30” tires on it and they rubbed a good bit.

Here’s pics of him with his 1st and 2nd Jeep:

This is him taking out the shackle bolts:

We’ve had a good time working on it. I told him I’d buy all parts necessary to keep it on the road, but I wasn’t touching it unless he’s in the garage with me. I told him mods were on him, but since it “needed” the lift I used spacers I had lying around and split the cost of the shackles with him. With his own money he bought a shift knob, pedal covers, and a steering wheel cover.
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