89 Toyota Pickup 4X4 Help Needed

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89 Toyota Pickup 4X4 Help Needed

Post by johnboy68 » Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:43 pm

Hello All,

I know some of you are Toyota truck experts here so I need your help.

First off, I am a Jeep guy (YJ to be precise) and am new to the Toyota world. It doesn't seem to be the same as the Jeep world. I am having trouble finding aftermarket parts and the parts I do find don't seem to be the best deal.

Anyway, my son has an 89 Pickup with the 22RE motor. I am in the process of replacing it and while I'm at it I am fixing a lot of other things that need fix'n. Number one is the rear of the frame. Does anyone know where to get frame parts? Also, the rear shackles are about rusted in two and need replaced. I don't want to go with lift shackles but it seems the only aftermarket ones I can find are lift shackles. Also, where would be a good place to get replacement bushings and body mount parts? I am going to fix the frame (have a welder and fab skills) and I would like to replace the rear shackles and bushings but I don't know the best place to get these parts.

My plan is to fix all the rust, put in a rebuild engine and put a 2" body lift on it to fit 31/10.50s. Paint it, bed line the bed and cab and enjoy it!

Any help with parts, tips, tricks you name it I will really appreciate it.


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Re: 89 Toyota Pickup 4X4 Help Needed

Post by SLADE » Tue Mar 27, 2012 2:29 pm

What kind of frame parts do you need?

Have you tried the local parts store for stock replacement shackles.

Here are some good Toyota parts.



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Re: 89 Toyota Pickup 4X4 Help Needed

Post by EricsGreen98Tj » Tue Mar 27, 2012 3:51 pm

Trail Gear is also a good brand for Yota parts. But alot of 4x stores carry that brand so shop around and find the best price + shipping before you order anything..
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