March 2014 ROTM entries

Pictures of meets...your Jeep...etc
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March 2014 ROTM entries

Post by notajeep » Sun Mar 09, 2014 9:39 pm

Guidelines For Posting:

1 = Please post an 800x600 image (or as close as possible). Most hosting places do this automatically or supply you with an easy way to do this.

2 = Those who win will be expected to email me the FULL resolution original for the calendar. I will contact you after the winner is determined to get this, so make sure you have it available before posting.

3 = LET ME DO THE EDITING = Expect your image to be edited for calendar-quality appearance. Your rig and scenery will be the main focus - spectators will be blended into the scenery and any personal information or inappropriate stickers or other words or images within the pic will be edited out.

Here are the rules for 2014:

1) Post one picture of your choice. It must be a photo you have taken or have permission to use.

2) If you have already won for a previous month you can still make a submission, but it cannot be of the same vehicle.

3) I will be removing any pictures that I do not think are appropriate for the calendar. I will send you a pm stating why your picture was not included.

4) Pictures SHOULD be from the same month that they are being entered into, or at least portray that time of year for calendar purposes. I know this is going to be difficult since this is a month ahead, but use your best judgement.

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